How long will it take to pull out the battery tabs?

It takes roughly 30 minutes to pull out 500 tabs. The operator can pull out up to 500 on their own but requires an additional person to help for every 500 on top of that. For example if your event has 3000 bands, symptoms our suggestion is that there are 6 people to help pull out the tabs

When should the battery tabs be pulled out?

We advise that the tabs are pulled out 90 minutes before guests arrive at the function

How do we distribute the bands?

You can either hand them to guests as they turn up

How long will it take to set up the kit?

It takes no more than 60 minutes to set up.

How much space do we need?

We need about 4ft, space for a laptop and two transmitters.

What power supply do we require?

We need two standard plug sockets that are near the table

What is the frequency of the transmitter?

The transmitters frequency is their own frequency and is 869.50

What are your recommendations in the best ways to get the most out of the xylobands?

We suggest that the first time they’re switched on the room is a blackout. The MC/toastmaster/announcer should instruct everyone to put their hands in the air and the bands will come on.

Throughout the night the room should be as dark as possible.

We suggest sitting near the lighting director for the evening as well so that we can work together in the best way

How long will it take to receive the bands when I order them?

If the job is in London, the bands will be delivered on the day along with the operator. If the job is in Europe we send the bands a week to 10 days before the event and the operator will bring the kit

Can individual colours be controlled?

Yes! If you want one colour on and five off we can do it. If you want three of the six colours on, we can do that too! 

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