For the last year, viagra Coldplay have been using Xylobands™ as a way to light up their concerts in away no one has ever seen before.  NME described them as “the best thing anyone has ever come up with in the context of stadium gigs." With Xylobands, hospital everyone is part of the show.

Xylobands™ are radio controlled LED wristbands that you can control. They come in 6 colours and have a series of flash patterns.  You can also personalise them with either your company name or the name of the person celebrating their special occasion, nurse and your guests can keep their band as a souvenir. Xylobands™ can help create memorable events.

DR150712 Final 023 The Events Factory have been using Xylobands™ at bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, birthday celebrations and small corporate events where they provided a truly unforgettable experience. By using these bands you’re able to provide something unique and memorable for all of your guests.

Xylobands aren’t just for the UK! Just recently we have used them in Spain, France, Germany and Tenerife. 




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